Bulls ready for Alabama onslaught

The state of Alabama has been, and will continue, sending its best schools to take on the USF men’s tennis team. The Bulls dispatched South Alabama last weekend, and will now take on No. 17 Alabama Saturday and No. 29 Auburn Sunday.

“They will be the best doubles we face all year,” USF coach Don Barr said. “It will be a true test.”

Being two of the toughest and highest ranked teams the Bulls have played this season, Barr is reserving his expectations for his team. He said it is crucial to play tough right from the beginning.

“You have to match toughness,” Barr said. “You have to be prepared to play longer and harder sets.”

Barr said he has always recruited tough singles competitors who have only occasionally seen doubles play, so therefore preparation for doubles play is stressed. And although the doubles play always needs extra work, Barr said it is already improving and he expects a good showing at both matches.

“I am ready to see some good doubles this weekend, and I think we will do that,” Barr said.

With doubles on its way to improvement and success, Barr said his team needs to focus on chemistry with one another and that everyone needs understanding. Barr said his players are anxious to get on the court and play, but they need to realize their opportunity will come.

“Everyone wants some action right now,” Barr said. “And if we can get a little patience, it would go a long way.”

With the Conference USA Shootout being held next weekend, Barr said win or lose, his team will get something out of this weekend’s games. He said playing good teams would prepare his players for the Shootout.

“Hopefully these two matches will get us on our way,” Barr said.