Letters to the Editor

USF should follow in Penn State’s footsteps
Re: “A pair of cats bring the music to the masses” Jan. 20, 2004

The recent deal made between Penn State and Napster not only takes steps toward solving illegal downloading, but it also rocked the music world. Personally, I think this is a marvelous idea. Why didn’t they think of this sooner? By including the $9.95 monthly fee into students’ tuition, officials at Penn State have, in a way, forced their students to do things the legal way.

Furthermore, these tethered music files can only be played on the Penn State campus, so there is no fear of this deal going haywire, nor will this agreement be a failure, since students must pay for each track burned or transferred.

My only question now is why USF is not considering a similar bargain. If Penn State is successful, then more campuses are bound to follow their example. Music media, for all we know, could be reshaped. In today’s information society anything is possible.

Tracy Fraser is a freshman majoring in mass communications.

Is MLK’s acclaim based upon assassination?

I want to pose a question to the readers of The Oracle about Martin Luther King Day.

I ask only with respect and do not wish to insult anyone with this question, but if the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had not been assassinated, would history still see him as the great civil rights leader of his day? Or would he be thought of as a simple footnote in history as a man who led civil rights movements and had possible ties to Communism?

Again, I ask this only as a question and do not wish to disrespect him. I personally believe he was a good man who did good deeds.

Jody Luczynski is a senior majoring in anthropology.