Hand-written notes go digital without the hassle

Logitech io Personal Digital Pen

The process of transcribing hand-written notes to a computer document can be an arduous task. This routine can now be simplified into a few clicks of the mouse.

Logitech’s io Personal Digital Pen allows users to transfer their hand-written notes to a computer by writing on special paper with a pen-like device.

The pen device used to write notes, weighs two ounces and is about as thick as five normal pens.

In order to copy the notes, they must be written on special “digital paper” that transfers copy through a series of tiny dots that pick up the writing. To finish writing, users simply need to push the “done” button located at the bottom of the page.

When using the specialty paper, a tiny camera inside the pen registers its movement across the grid surface of the paper and stores the writing as a series of coordinates.

Once the notes are taken, the user must then place the pen into a small cradle in order to transfer their work onto the computer. The digital pen utilizes USB 2.0 but will also function with previous USB versions.

The pen stores 40 pages between transfers and also doubles as a standard pen on normal paper at all times.

A special free-hand function is also included that allows users to create a JPEG image file so that they can quickly send e-mail attachments with their messages.

The digital pen could be used to transfer class notes, drawing freehand sketches for presentations or writing an e-mail message when a computer is not nearby.

Aside from allowing the transfer of words through a JPEG image file, the pen is also able to translate written text into a version that is recognizable in a Microsoft Word file.

In order to transfer the handwriting into a Word file, a special third party program called MyScriptNotes must be used.

The program uses trace technology to recognize words and convert them to standard text.

Logitech includes a 30-day trial version of the software, after which the program can be purchased for $60.

Recharging the pen’s batteries can be done by leaving it on the rapid charging USB station that is also used to transfer text.

The pen only functions under Windows operating systems and requires an open USB port.

Logitech’s io Personal Digital Pen costs $129.

The “digital paper” costs about $10 for 80 sheets and can be found at most office supply stores.


Gustavo Hernandez