New and Noteworthy for the week ahead

Comedy Central Live

Nov. 6/ Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center/ $29.50 – $42.50

In a show that could just as easily be called aneurysms and alcohol, Lewis Black and Dave Attell team up to spread laughter to girls and boys everywhere … sort of.

Black and Attell, the angriest and drunkest people on the planet, respectively, also happen to be damn funny.

Their stand-up speaks for itself; Black once said that the stupidest thing he’d ever heard was when a girl said: “If it wasn’t for my horse, I never would have gotten through college.” Attell cleverly quips: “You know what egg-nog is for? For when you really want to get drunk, but also want some pancakes.” Enough said.

Gov’t Mule and Chris Robinson

Nov. 6/ Tampa Theatre/ $26 – $31

While Gov’t Mule may be nothing more than an Uncle Tupelo carbon copy (less the quality, of course) that held on too long, Chris Robinson is … um, actually, he too is past his prime. Robinson fronted the now in-limbo Black Crowes, and during the band’s span revived Zeppelin-esque Southern rock. However, in keeping with the show’s apparent past-due theme, the Theatre may want to accept ticket stubs from these guys’ previous tours if they plan on filling the place up with these geezers.

Game Club

Nov. 6/ Selby Public Library (Sarasota)/ Free

In an effort to wean kids off of their video games, Shelby Library is hosting an entire day dedicated to kids playing board games instead. Ha ha, good one. This one has “Jeb Bush Endorsement” all over it.