USF still searching for new provost

The search for a new provost at USF is still under way as the faculty committee, assisting in the nationwide search, will meet next week to review applications.

Sheril Gottuso, senior administration assistant in the provost’s office, said USF has currently received 61 applications from across the nation, including Interim Provost Renu Khator’s. The committee will receive the applications before the next meeting, which is scheduled for the end of October.

Out of the 61 applications, Gottuso said she couldn’t recall any that stood out, only that all applicants from across the nation would be considered. USF advertised for four weeks in the Chronicle of Higher Education from the beginning of the school year.

“When you advertise with the Chronicle of Higher Education, it always brings a wide range of people in,” she said. “But there are no real names that stand out strong in my opinion.”

Khator, former dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, was appointed interim provost after former S. David Stamps left the position for health reasons. He will, however, return to the faculty in May.

Stuart Silverman, dean of the Honors College and the committee chairman for the search, said the meeting would be the first one since the committee began to advertise for the position.

“No one has seen each other or talked since the first meeting,” Silverman said.

Silverman said that the committee would be reviewing the applications at the meeting and looking at the applicants who they think the university should pursue and take the next step.

“We will probably bring the number down to about five to 10 applicants that we will interview via phone,” he said. “From that we will select about three to six to bring on campus.”

Once everyone at the university has given input, Silverman said the list will be shortened once more before USF President Judy Genshaft will make the final decision.

“President Genshaft will have the final say,” Silverman said.