SG senator avoids impeachment

Allegations against Student Government senator Sandy Legoute for violations of SG statutes were dropped Tuesday night.

An ad hoc committee was investigating Legoute for alleged malfeasance. Tamara Bradley, chairwoman for the committee, said due to the lack of clarity of interviews with the parties involved, there was no recommendation.

“We found that the statutes were not violated and do not recommend impeachment,” Bradley said.

Legoute, who holds the office of interim chairwoman for the SG funding and transfers committee, was being accused of violating two SG statutes that dealt with ill will and making false statements to the senate during a meeting.

The investigative committee met for about a week to discuss the violations and interview, Bradley said.

Cindy Bethal, a student and member of the Association for Computing Machinery, made the allegations when she was denied access to Legoute’s committee meeting regarding budget matters.

According to SG statutes, because no recommendation was made for impeachment, the investigation has ended and no more inquiries will be taken regarding the violations.

The decision comes one week after student body president Omar Khan and vice president Ryan Morris were acquitted of allegations that, if proved, could have resulted in impeachment.