Wired Line

In this section of TechPhiles, we have enlisted the help of Academic Computing to help answer any questions that readers may have about the Internet, computers or technology in general. The Academic Computing staff is responsible for following the latest trends in software and hardware. Questions about campus-related computer problems will also be answered. Please send any questions to oraclegustavo@yahoo.com. Here are some frequently asked questions posted on the Web site.

Q. What should I do if I forgot my NetID password?

A. Students may reset their NetID password by going to https://una.acomp.usf.edu and clicking on the link “Did you forget your password?” After filling out the required information and answering the challenge phrase question, students will be able to pick a new NetID password. If you cannot remember the answer, you must visit the Academic Computing help desk with your USF Identification Card to retrieve the answer. If you are closer to another campus, you may visit their computing department for assistance. Passwords will not be given over the phone.

Q: Can I change my NetID or e-mail address?

A. Unfortunately, you will not be able to change your NetID or e-mail address because they are system generated. We do not want to give out the same NetID/e-mail to more than one user.

Q: Can I forward my USF e-mail to another account?

A: USF Students with a helios or mail.usf.edu e-mail address can change the settings so that mail received at @helios or @mail is forwarded to another e-mail address. Students can set the forwarding options by going to https://una.acomp.usf.edu. Complete instructions for forwarding your USF email are available at http://www.acomp.usf.edu/Help/una_forward.html

Source: Academic Computing