Web Weekly

1. WherehaveIbeen.com

Paper currency comes and goes, but tracking it has never been so fun and interesting.

WherehaveIbeen.com offers visitors a chance to track and post the locations of U.S. and Canadian paper currency as it makes its way from consumer to consumer.

Tracking bills is completed through the Web site’s posting system that allows visitors to submit the bills they find by denomination and serial number in an effort to inform registered users where their bill has surfaced.

Visitors are encouraged to write the site’s address on one of the bill’s corners to enhance the number of return clicks they get from interested parties.

Also provided are the legal principles about writing on bills, which according to the site, is legal in United States as long as consumers do not mutilate or deface a bill so that it could no longer be used in circulation.

The site’s administrators also keep up a list of reports and statistics on bills, including the user with the most bills found.

2. Dumb Warnings

With the amount of product warnings placed on the side of packages and street signs, it’s enough to make consumers wonder what kinds of idiots exist in this world.

Dumbwarnings.com offers visitors a chance to see a list of the some of the funniest and outlandish product warnings that have been placed before consumers.

Product warnings, such as cautioning air conditioner buyers to not drop units out of windows, can be found among others.

The categories in the warning index range from appliances and clothes to road signs and lawn care. Each of the categories contains a sizable number of entries with some topics having a bit more than others.

Visitors can also submit warnings into the expansive database. A random warnings button is also available for times when users want to have a mixture of dumb warnings from all categories.

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