CD Review – Aphrodite “Urban Junglist”

Urban Junglist

Aphrodite’s Urban Junglist blends a creative mix of jungle break-beats with a crop of seductive vocals, producing a sound that continues to define this DJ as one of jungle’s finest.

Fresh off the success of Aftershock, London-based DJ Gaven King (a.k.a. Aphrodite) continues his reign by mixing his signature jungle beats with an eclectic mix of guitar melodies and smooth vocals.

The compilation of tracks found on Urban Junglist keep with Aphrodite’s typical fair for the most part, but he includes remixes that make the album stand out. Even such classics as Moby’s “Go” are given a new spin through the DJ’s high-powered beats. Like many of the tracks on Urban Junglist, “Flava For Rava” features a mix of raw vocals and pulsing beats on par with a jungle version of underground hip-hop.

Such tracks as “Original Nuttah” and “Arsoniast 2000” bring a Reggae-inspired focus to the record with the help of artists Debo Gen and Shy FX. This type of sound is common for Aphrodite’s work and helps to embody what his sound is all about.

Along with these hardcore tracks come the sultry vocals of UK songstress Beverley Knight, who provides an amazing set of vocals that light up “Whatever’s Clever,” blending the sounds of R&B and jungle to produce an impeccable combination. Even though these sweet medleys would typically be out of place on top of such a rough set of beats, Aphrodite seamlessly assures the audience that the two were made for each other.

Aphrodite didn’t forget to blend original creations along the journey, though, and has included five fresh tracks that add to the diverse mix already populating the album. The tracks tend to vary in musical production from the dreamy sounds of “Twilight” to the gritty vibes of “Crater.”

The album’s only drawback is that it might take several plays in order for the listener to fully appreciate the excellence that comes forth on the record. Even if the jungle genre of techno is not something of universal interest, Urban Junglist provides a hard-pounding mix that will entertain listeners of all musical tastes.

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