SG plans $50K memorial for Sept. 11 attacks’ victims

Student Government plans to build a Sept. 11 memorial on the USF Tampa campus to commemorate the lives that were lost during the terrorist attacks.

Ryan Morris, student body vice president, said the memorial will be built beside the Student Services Building in a circular cement area that is currently surrounded by trees. The design will resemble the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial on campus.

“The memorial design will be marble with three rays symbolizing the three cities that were attacked on 9/11 including New York, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh,” Morris said. The funding for the memorial comes from the Activities and Service (A&S) funds. “The (A&S) money comes from the students, and it is a flat rate of $7 plus $7-per-credit hour every semester,” Morris said.

A majority of A&S funds are used to fund the Phyllis P. Marshall Center, Campus Recreation Center and the organizations on campus.

Omar Khan, student body president, said the current plan for the memorial is to get the initial funding of $25,000 for construction to begin. However, he said since the physical plant raised their prices for electricity, the Marshall Center has to request for money from the A&S funding to pay a $30,000 electricity bill. Jessica Ousley, an SG senator, proposed an amendment during a senate meeting Tuesday, to decrease the drain on the A&S funds by reducing the memorial funding from $25,000 to $10,000 and use the savings for the increased cost of student services, such as the electricity bill.

Khan said SG would vote on the amendment during the next senate meeting July 22.

Morris added that under the current plan, the funding for the memorial has a maximum amount of $50,000 for the project, which will be broken into $25,000 now and $25,000 in the fall, if the bill remains the same.

“Once funding is in place, it will be easy to secure a time and date,” Morris said. “We just have to wait to see how it goes through in the next senate meeting.”