Letters to the Editor 6/19

Alternate news sources good addition

Re: Alt News Source

It was great to see the Oracle finally publish sources of information that people should be exposed to. The American public has, for far too long, suffered under the corporate media’s tentacles of lies, deceit and obedience.

I only had two problems with this article. It should have been published in the fall for more exposure.

Aside from that, it left out the best alternative news site:

www.WhatReallyHappened.com, which has daily updates from all independent, foreign, and mainstream news sources, reporting the truth.

Anthony Schmitt is a junior majoring in anthropology

Scantron tests should not cause problems

I took Child Psychology with Sherecce Fields in Summer A, which ended Wednesday with the final exam.

I am writing this, not to benefit myself, but to possibly benefit other students who suffered due to blunders on the part of this university.

The first two tests for this class were graded incorrectly. Apparently, there were some errors with the Scantron machine recording lower grades than were earned. This was discovered Wednesday, the day of the final exam.

Several students withdrew from the class because of these incorrect low grades. It would be unfair for them to receive a “W” on the transcript when it was the university’s fault that the tests were not graded correctly. Also, they should either be allowed to get back into the class and take the final exam for credit, or they should be given a refund on their three credits worth of tuition.

Many students who withdrew from this class do not know about the grading mistakes, since the mistake was discovered so late in the term (June 8th … almost 2 weeks past the withdrawal date). They should be contacted by the university and given these options.

It should also be noted that several students who stayed in the class also set lower goals for themselves in the final because they thought that a higher grade was impossible.

I don’t know whose mistake it was … but it was definitely a major mistake made by the university, and it is unfair for students to have to pay the consequences. I feel that a university as huge as USF should compensate for those students who withdrew from the class thinking that they were getting a lower grade when actually they were doing very well in the class.

USF as a university should be more responsible when handling students’ grades. I request that the USF Administration and the Psychology Department make a fair and honest decision about this matter.

Bijal Chhadva, a junior majoring in computer engineering.