So long, old logo

As USF has matured throughout the years, so has its logo. And for the third time, university officials adopted a new logo last month, which they feel best represents USF’s 47 years in academics.

The logo first appeared on USF’s Web site May 22 and will gradually be introduced throughout the campus, said Michael Reich, director of media relations.

“The timing is set up to minimize the cost and to make it easier for everyone to implement it,” Reich said.

The logo implementation process includes changing stationery, business cards, car decals, directional signs and merchandise.

Reich said the quest to minimize cost also affected the logo’s unveiling. reich said the logo switch is expected to cost in the thousands.

“We wanted to do this in a way that was most fiscally responsible,” Reich said.

One recognizable feature of the new logo is the elimination of the large script style ‘S’. The font of the new logo is more traditional and set at the same font size with the University of South Florida written below rather than above, as it was in the former logo.

Reich said the new logo has been in the works for nearly two years with the assistance of an internal design team, which created sample logos before the current draft was approved.

“Hundreds of people were involved in selecting the logo from a number of possible options,” Reich said.

Focus groups, which included students, staff, faculty, alumni and administrators, had the option to choose the old logo as well. However, about 80 percent selected the new logo, Reich said.

In addition, a more sophisticated gold in the lettering replaces the yellow as one of the university’s colors.

“People preferred truer gold than bright yellow,” Reich said.

This is USF’s third logo since 1956. The second logo was implemented in the mid 1980s and adjusted several times.

Reich said he hopes the new logo will show that USF has developed as a university and will continue to grow.

“The goal of the branding process is to support the goal of becoming a stronger, national research university,” Reich said.