Amusement park information

With summer about to begin, it’s once again time to head out and enjoy what America’s amusement parks have to offer. Selecting a park can sometimes be the hardest task. The following Web sites offer a listing of parks, attractions and safety information on a multitude of destinations.

1.The American Midway

When selecting a theme park, it’s always good to know all the options that are available in a particular state. The American Midway offers a catalog of theme parks by state, various pictures of attractions and a top-10 listing of visitor-rated wooden and steel roller coasters.

2. Theme Park City

Aside from major theme parks, there are various zoos, water parks, carnivals and circuses for patrons to enjoy. Visitors are provided with a listing of Web sites from major attractions in their state. The locations and schedules of carnivals and circuses can also be found on the Web site.

3. Saferparks

Having a safe stay at an amusement park is a good way to leave with a fond memory of the day. The multitude of tips and information found on this Web site allow visitors to prepare for a trip to a park. Advice includes a section on risks associated with specific types of rides and tips for avoiding certain types of injuries.

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