POW rescue provides hope

War rarely offers stories that come with happy endings. Most often, the only good news heard during a war is the telling of its conclusion. As the days of battle continue to mount, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a positive aspect to any piece of news. Now entering day No. 21 of battle, the viewing public is fortunate to have already been given a war story with a better ending.

Former Iraqi prisoner of war Jessica Lynch has given Americans a story they are more than happy to discuss. Though Lynch was the only soldier to survive Iraqi capture, the almost fairy-tale-like story of her rescue and return home make this an especially patriotic tale of a young American soldier.

When Lynch shares the details about her capture and the men she was captured with, Americans will once again be reminded of the grimness that war brings to television screens and dinner tables. By telling the story of her ordeal, Americans will find some sense of closure. The details about the others who weren’t as fortunate as Lynch will create an image for all who listen. Sharing her story will help people accept the loss of the other nine soldiers.

The tale of bravery, of honoring their commitment to their country and the fight for freedom will help the public realize why so many Americans are fighting this war. While opinions of the necessity of this war may differ, most all agree that the troops fighting abroad are making a great sacrifice. Support for the war itself may not be unanimous, but support for the troops almost is.

This is why America welcomes back Pfc. Jessica Lynch. She is coming home because of the injuries she received while defending ideals like freedom and a right to safety. Her story is one of inspiration for both the public and other soldiers. People can only hope that all other soldiers will make it back home — the sooner the better.

University Wire — Oklahoma State University