The Ring deserves better DVD extras

Seeing The Ring in theaters: $7.50. Renting the DVD special: $4.06. Actually buying the DVD: worthless.

Right after Mike Tyson’s new face tattoo and Martha Stewart’s cooking special, The Ring DVD may be the scariest form of entertainment to hit the small screens, but the special features make the DVD horrifyingly unworthy of purchasing.

The movie contains all the fundamentals of a scary movie, but still maintains an original flavor that stands out in its own genre.

Better yet, it leaves the viewer with a bittersweet taste of horrific entertainment. In this graphic film, journalist Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) undergoes a journey to find out what exactly led to her niece’s mysterious death.

She discovers a rumor that she died seven days after watching a particularly freakish and horrifying tape — supposedly a student film containing many seemingly meaningless segments of insanity.

Rachel watches the tape herself and hears the phone ring. The person on the other side notifies her she has seven days to live. This leads to many unexpected happenings of horror.

Unfortunately, just because the movie is perhaps one of the most entertaining horror films of late doesn’t mean that the DVD is worth buying.

Experiencing the deleted scenes and a creepy short replica of the tape (that is nowhere comparable to the one in the movie), is not worth the bother.

The scenes were deleted for a reason: They are not good scenes.

One section of the deleted segments contains a long and drawn out scene with pictures of one of the victims and her friends partying.

This includes flicking off the camera, smoking and drawing pictures on their friends while they’re sleeping. Looking at Grandma’s photo album is more of a thrill compared to this meaningless and repetitive scene.

The DVD would be better if it contained the actual tape the unfortunate characters experienced in the movie, especially the part where the little girl is climbing out of the well, walking toward the screen, getting closer and closer to it.

Just before it looks like she is about to crawl through the screen, she reveals her horrible face of Michael Jackson.

Now that would be an entertaining and horrifying DVD winner.