Normal activities should continue

War with Iraq is more or less inevitable. However, while bombs and invasions may be the next step in the Middle East, life in America needs to continue as usual. Special events, such as the NCAA tournament, the Academy Awards and others that are soon to come, should continue as planned. Networks and executives should hold firm and not let violent military action dictate television programming.

A rumor has circulated since President George W. Bush’s ultimatum Monday night that the pending NCAA tournament, the whole reason for “March Madness,” may be postponed. This is a ridiculous notion and should not be supported by the colleges, players, coaches or the fans. Regardless of the United States’ military action, life in the nation needs to continue as normal. It is not right that lives should be disrupted any more than they already have. Thousands of lives have already been turned upside down due to the deployment of troops who are made up of husbands, sons, wives, daughters, moms and dads.

War will wreak havoc on countries all over the globe. The key to maintaining some semblance of normalcy is to continue with life as close to regular as possible. While a basketball tournament may seem inconsequential in light of war, it is something innocuous that the American people can use as an escape and also allow them to focus their attention on something positive rather than negative.

The United States found itself in the same dilemma following the Sept. 11 attacks, and while the argument sounded trite then, it does have a ring of truth; “If events are postponed or people refuse to carry on their daily lives, then the terrorists have won.”

If the real intent of going to war is to impeach a dictator, then the American people must not let that dictator’s face and regime grace their televisions. Why not watch something more American, like a classic contest between Duke and Georgetown or Joan Rivers dissing celebrities on the red carpet? That’s what Americans should be looking forward to.