Cell phones don’t have to annoy

Everyone has probably experienced it: While one enjoys a new release at the movie theater, a high-pitched rendition of “William Tell Overture” begins to play. Yes, a cell phone rings, and the owner can’t get to it fast enough.

If members of the USF community were more considerate in their cell phone usage, it would make a good statement to the surrounding city.

Recently, the New York City Council passed a bill that bans cell phone use in museums, libraries and galleries and during concerts, plays, movies, lectures, dance recitals and other performances. The penalty for allowing a cell phone or pager to ring, or for talking on a cell phone, is $50.

Though Tampa doesn’t have a similar law, the reason for it makes sense. While there isn’t an enforced fine in the city, people should still be considerate of others.

New York City’s law allows phones to be kept on vibrate mode and for people to answer them in the lobby. It makes sense for everyone to put this into practice, even without the threat of a $50 penalty.

Besides that, it really is annoying to be interrupted by a cell phone ring while trying to relax at the movies or at a live performance. If a cell phone is used in the case of an emergency, that’s acceptable, and New York City doesn’t fine in that instance.

It is a testament to the rudeness of society that laws must be made to regulate courtesies people should display naturally. Instead of waiting for a bill to be passed or a fine to be implemented, students should at least take the initiative when they answer phone calls. If it’s possible and convenient for the cell phone to be put on vibrate or silent mode, do it.

When having fun at a movie, play or concert, how many people are really expecting an important phone call? If they were, they wouldn’t be out being entertained.