President’s penchant for aggression causes alarm

President George W. Bush announced Tuesday that cries of protest would not hinder his resolve. “War is my last choice,” Bush stated in a press conference with anti-war protests continuing throughout the world.

“But the risk of doing nothing is even a worse option as far as I am concerned,” he continued.

Many countries are standing against the war initiative, including France, China, Russia and others.

With more than 50 countries representing varying opinions in a U.N. gathering on the matter, Bush remained devoted to his position.

“Some in the world don’t view Saddam Hussein as a risk to peace,” he said in his White House speech, adding, “I respectfully disagree.”

Bush has continually called his push toward war “work for the sake of peace,” but is it really?

Is sending troops to a country that has yet to show concrete aggressive tendencies toward our country to pose any legitimate, proven threat working toward peace?

War can only produce a forced peace through devastation.

How is forcing a country filled with innocent, non-violent citizens into submission through the use of aggression working for peace?

Unfortunately, we won’t see this terrible side of war. Camera crews won’t pour into the areas of Iraq destroyed and devastated from our attack, or report on bone fragments of incinerated bodies of the children our “work for peace” will leave behind.

Aggression does not bring about peace. Punishing the many for the wrongdoings of the few is not in any way fair. It’s madness.

Why isn’t Bush listening to the millions of people taking to the streets across the world in protest of this war he feels so incredibly drawn toward? How many more millions of people have to speak up before Bush begins to question the plan he’s driving toward?

In the grandest con of all, Tom Ridge, the Secretary of Homeland Security, advised the nation to stockpile food, plastic sheeting and duct tape to prepare for a scenario not unlike the brewing suspicions in Russia during the 1950s.

It seems that Bush simply aims to conjure fear within Americans, feeding off of a still shaky country — his constant references to Sept. 11, 2001, demonstrate this — while pushing his own twisted agenda that will only lead to suffering and a furthering of anti-American sentiments throughout the world.

Bush should exhaust all national and international resources in effectively neutralizing Hussein and his supporters before destroying the lives of countless thousands with only a mere chance that, within these casualties, would be the true villain who many are destined to suffer for. There are more effective tactics to be explored, yet Bush still remains locked on a theory of aggression, which seems to be his first resort, not his last.

With the stance Bush is taking as he speaks to the world for all Americans, maybe we should grab a roll of duct tape.

University Wire