Mail dilemma easily sorted out

Breckenridge apartment residents have been under the false impression for the past two weeks that no one loves them. At least, they haven’t been getting their care packages from mom or any other mail. The apartment complex’s management has been refusing the residents mail due to a new zoning by the U.S. Postal Service.

The designation that the Postal Service bestows on Breckenridge is beside the point. The fact is, Breckenridge could solve its problem quite easily by giving a student who lives in the complex free rent, or at least a reduced rate to sort the mail. This would undoubtedly solve the problem and reduce the chance for inconveniences.

The management attests that it is an apartment complex and therefore deserves to have its mail sorted by Postal Service employees. The Postal Service however, has decided to designate the complex as a dorm, meaning it gets a bulk delivery of mail, and it is up to Breckenridge to sort it. Breckenridge says it doesn’t want to take on the responsibility of mail delivery because if a letter is misplaced, it would be the complex’s fault, and mail delivery could be delayed by up to three hours. However, by refusing mail delivery, Breckenridge is already running the risk of its residents missing important letters. The management has also said that it would cost an estimated $13,000 a year to hire someone to sort its mail. However, by offering just one student free rent, in exchange for mail sorting, the complex would only be out $6,000 at the most.

Breckenridge may have a leg to stand on, as far as fighting the ruling. Other complexes in the area, such as Jefferson Commons and Collegiate Hall, are in similar situations. However, Breckenridge residents should not suffer because the management is too lazy to figure out a way to solve the problem, even if it is only temporary.

Refusing mail for its residents is an inconvenience that no one should have to deal with. The fact that the management is making a unilateral decision for its hundreds of residents is ridiculous. Find a resident to sort the mail, someone who knows the complex and can probably do so with little training. That way those fresh-baked cookies from mom won’t become Frisbees, sitting in a mail room on Florida Avenue.