New service option benefits all

In an effort to recruit upper-middle class college graduates into military service, the U. S. Departmenr of Defense is developing an 18-month enlistment category.

This idea is far improved from the draft of the olden days, which Congress is taking steps to reinstate. Representative Charles Rangel of New York and Sen. Ernest Hollings of South Carolina, both support bills aiming to require all young people to serve two years in military or civilian service.

When the facts are examined, however, it is obvious that a draft isn’t necessary. In fact, according to a Tampa Tribune report, the Army and Navy both have more recruits than aimed for, and the Air Force and Marines are meeting their recruitment goals. Also, the military accepted less than half of the applicants it received last year.

Whether more military help is needed, the new 18-month enlistment program is a way for young men and women to serve the country without being tied to a four-year contract. They also still receive some benefits, being able to choose one of four bonus options.

With the new program, those who support President George W. Bush’s reasons for wanting to go to war can actually join in the fight against terrorism, without spending the prime years of their life in the military.

Participators in this program will still be able to come home, have a family and meet their work goals in their civilian career.

Those who voluntarily serve will be more helpful in the end than those who are forced into joining the military.

This new 18-month program will likely get more volunteers of people who were interested in joining the military, but didn’t want to dedicate a huge part of their life to it.