Suspected cloned birth is a disgrace

At one time, parents would begin the explanation of the miracle of birth with, “When two people really love each other …”

However, with the claim of the first cloned human being, questions of ethics and morals have been raised. While it may be a scientific breakthrough, the exact duplication of a human life should set off peoples’ moral compasses.

Scientific advancements have, in fact, bettered mankind in some ways, such as improved health care. More specifically, genetic research has led to the development of new ways to fight diseases and given more opportunities for transplants. Still, there is no good reason why anyone should be cloned. It’s scary to think that science has come so far that it can actually duplicate a person. Now, when a husband tells his wife he hopes their little girl looks just like her, his wish can come true, through the use of technology.

Claude Vorilhon, the founder of a religious group called the Raelians that believe aliens created humans on Earth, also began a company called Clonaid. Brigitte Boisselier, CEO of Clonaid, announced the birth of the first cloned child Dec. 26, saying “Eve” had been born through C-Section to an American woman with an infertile husband. She would not reveal where the birth had taken place or provide any scientific proof that “Eve” actually is a clone of her mother.

The story continues as Clonaid claims a lesbian couple has cloned a child and that three more cloned babies are on the way. Bernard Siegel, a Florida attorney, filed a lawsuit against Clonaid stating that the company is exploiting the child. Freelance journalist Michael Guillen, who was supposed to arrange for DNA tests to be conducted on “Eve” and her mother, now has stopped his efforts, saying that Clonaid may be playing a hoax.

As events unfold, the story begins to sound more like a bad science fiction movie. What will it take for people to step back from all the excitement and realize that science should only go so far? Certainly, it should have stopped before human lives were being artificially recreated.