USF professor lectures on Eminem and race

There hasn’t been a more controversial entertainer in the last four years than Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem.

USF professor Gil Rodman presents a lecture today that explores part of the phenomenon Eminem. “Race … and Other Four-letter Words: Eminem and the Politics of Authenticity” will be held at 3:30 p.m. in CIS 3020.

“Eminem’s status as a white man making (so-called) black music has been heavily challenged and debated, along with the white appropriation of black music,” Rodman said.

The lecture presents a reading of the controversy that surrounds Eminem in a broader social context, Rodman said.

“There will a little bit of music,” Rodman said, “and hopefully 40 – 45 minutes of lively discussion.

Alex Zesch