New bill could benefit on-campus organizations

Student organizations may start receiving more funds from Activity and Service fees. At Tuesday’s Student Government meeting, the senate passed a bill that would give organizations at least 33 percent of funds from A&S fees.

Student senators altered SG statutes by voting for Bill 46, which was initiated by the A&S Fee Recommendation Committee three weeks ago.

“We want the funds to go to student organizations on campus,” said Michael Berman, senate president. “We decide where to spend, and I want it to go to student organizations.”

Originally, 4 percent was allotted for the abeyance, or safety net of funds, but that was later changed to 8 percent.

Now that the senate passed the bill, Berman will sign it so the changes can take effect on July 1.

The bill reads that the purpose of A&S fees is to aid students and student organizations.

The committee is responsible on an annual basis to determine the provisionary language that will govern the primary use of A&S funds for the coming fiscal year.

Berman suggests that ASRC fund student organizations at a much higher level. Last year, ASRC funded $225,000 to student organizations, and Berman said he would like to see the level rise to no less than $300,000.

Senate ASRC Chair Chris Cook said he supports the bill because the money will benefit student organizations.

“Students request lots of things we cannot fund, and this allows us to be able to fund more for them,” Cook said.

Junior Sandy Legoute echoed Cook’s comments, saying that the bill will have a good impact on the students.

“It’s the students’ money, so it should go back to them,” Legoute said.

Also in attendance were Director for Student Affairs Guy Conway and Assistant Director for Student Affairs Joe Synovec, who spoke about the pending Phyllis P. Marshall Center enhancement plan. The Marshall Center, which was built in 1960, has not undergone renovation since 1991 when the Special Events Center was added.

Synovec and Conway said it would be easier to build a new student union than to repair existing problems that would total $10 million. Parts of the proposed program include 25 meeting rooms, an atrium, a new food court, a sports grill, an upscale restaurant and a ballroom. Conway and Synovec presented artist renderings to the senate as possible design suggestions and further explained costs and ideas for the project.