McCain should have voted

John McCain this weekend proved he’s a pretty funny guy. The Arizona Republican senator and ex-presidential candidate hosted Saturday Night Live. And while McCain held his own on the stage, his appearance comes at an expense.

McCain missed a $355 billion defense spending bill vote Wednesday, which is inexcusable, especially since he criticized that very bill vocally and officially in a statement he submitted to the Congressional Record.

McCain did, however, make time in his busy schedule to appear on Don Imus’ morning radio show to promote his new book, Worth the Fighting For. He then flew back to Washington to attend President George W. Bush’s signing of the Iraqi war resolution, voted on an election reform bill at noon, skipped the 2:30 defense spending vote, which passed 93-1, and was back in New York later that afternoon for SNL rehearsals. Later that evening, he appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

McCain’s crazy Wednesday wouldn’t be looked at so cynically, though, had his senatorial voting record not been so poor in the past.

In September, The Arizona Republic reported McCain was the Senate’s second most prolific vote-misser since 1995, second only to the aging and often ill Jesse Helms.

The report said McCain missed 282 out of 2,790 votes, more than 10 percent.

Being a decorated war hero with an incredible story, McCain has helped to humanize politicians, and his appearance on SNL further augmented his likability. But to have the audacity to criticize a bill and skip its vote is no laughing matter.