Aramark to expand services

Imagine it.

A student is hungry and walks into the Phyllis P. Marshall Center. There are several choices. On the right is an Einstein?s Bagels. Downstairs, there is a sports bar.

Across the street at the Argos Center, the Fresh Food Company prepares meals right before students? eyes.

Sounds like a far cry from the current situation. But, according to Tom Williamson, resident district manager for the food provider Aramark at USF, said such a reality may not be far away.

Williamson said Aramark, which took over as USF?s primary food service provider during the summer, has invested $7 million in campus-wide food renovations.

He said Aramark is working with the university to move forward with its goals.

?Right now, we?ve formed a committee with administration personnel and with student organizations,? Williamson said. ?We?re in the preliminary (stages of) looking at the plans.?

Williamson said the green light has been given to a plan that will close the Marshall Center Cafe from Thanksgiving until the start of the spring semester.

During that time, renovations will be made and the Einstein?s Bagels inserted.

In addition, this summer, the Argos Center will undergo similar renovations. Williamson said the work will increase seating and install a new food-preparation system.

?(We want) a more open feeling,? he said.

Williamson said students also want to see a sports bar on campus. He said Aramark is in the process of planning within university specifications to install the new business.

Williamson said Aramark officials will be visiting campus this week. He said USF is vitally important for the company.?After these renovations are done, Aramark is going to consider USF its showcase account in Florida,? Williamson said. ?(We want) to take it to a whole other level.?