Advice for a new generation

As we embark on a new year here at good old USF, I’ve decided to impart some of the wisdom I have learned in my college career to the lady Bulls. I have been doing this college thing for five years now, with no end in sight yet. However, the knowledge I have gained these five years should definitely be passed on to those younger and less fortunate than myself. If there is a way I can keep any girl from making the same mistakes I did, I’m going to utilize it.

Some of you are returning, coming back to what is familiar. With at least one year tucked under the proverbial belt, I bet you’re coming into this with your eyes closed. It’s old to you.

However, most of you are probably freshmen. And that’s cool. I see you guys on the way to class. You know who you are, the girls with the bookbag and the purse. It’s ok; we’re not passing judgment. You just don’t know. Soon you will become aware of how good it feels to roll out of bed and jump on the shuttle in sweats and a T-shirt. You’ll realize that for the first couple years of your college education, you are not required to bring the books to their respective classes. Don’t sweat it if this all seems unnatural. It’s strange, but true.

Here’s the bottom line. Do you want to have a good time and make these the best years of your life? Then listen up:

1. If you are a junior, you already know that “lite” beer isn’t really as light as you think it is, and it’s hard to lose that freshman 15. Believe me, I’m still carrying that around.

2. Never ever leave your drink alone, not for a second. Also on that level, never accept a drink from anyone unless you have seen the bartender make it himself. Always adhere to the “liquor before beer, in the clear” adage.

3. Go out with friends, not people you don’t know all that well. The chances of getting left behind at a football game/concert/Ybor club are much less likely to happen.

4. Cab rides are very expensive.

5. When out with friends, be a friend. Trust me, you’ll be happy when the friend that you thought was being overprotective saves you from a bad decision.

6. Keep in mind that college life is not a season of MTV’s Sorority Life.

7. A real potential mate wants someone he/she can actually have an intelligent conversation with.

8. Show your parents their money isn’t wasted. Or at least explain to them the benefits of buying stock in Domino’s.

9. Do not sell yourself short.

10. Remember to take time out for your girls. The few close friends you make in college are the keepers.

But above all, you must stay true to yourself. Remember who you are. If you don’t know yet, that’s OK. After all, that’s what the next few years are for.

Jessica Higgins is a junior majoring in mass communications.