Bulls drop third in a row

Though the USF women’s tennis team was on a mission to win after losing to Oregon last Wednesday, Marquette proved they were in the winning mindset.

The Eagles defeated the Bulls 4-3 after a 3-hour competition. Saturday’s loss is the second loss for the Bulls against Conference USA opponents. The Bulls are now 5-13 for the season.

USF hoped to defeat Marquette mainly because of the Bulls’ experience with the outdoors. Yet the Eagles plowed through the Florida sunshine and took the match, though a few players had difficulty with the extreme heat.

USF’s No. 1 player Natalie Schwartz won her match against Marquette. “I just stayed focused and kept moving my feet. I really wanted to win,” said Schwartz.

“I wanted to win no matter how I played. I had the drive because (Marquette) are in our conference, and I just really wanted to win,” said redshirt freshman Patty Kolendo. Kolendo won her match at No. 5, 6-3, 7-6.

The Bulls have about two weeks to regroup before the season finishes against Florida International on April 13 at 10 a.m. at the USF Varsity Tennis Courts.

USF coach Sherry Bedingfield said, “I am tired and disappointed (with the loss against Marquette.) They just rose (to competition) more than we did. We have a break coming up, which will give us time for quality practice.”

“We need to be hunters at the conference if we want to win,” said Bedingfield.

  • Amanda Collins covers women’s tennis and can be reached at oraclesports@yahoo.com