Cuts unlikely to affect scholarships

According to the USF Summary Base Budget Reduction Plan, students should anticipate that classes will be larger and course offerings fewer. Thus, many students may not be able to graduate on time.

However, despite the budget cuts’ pervasive impact on students’ lives, financial aid will remain unscathed.

“In terms of funds for students, programs like Bright Futures are held harmless,” said Leonard Gude, director for the Office of Financial Aid. “There’s no need for concern. In fact, the university is putting more money in merit-based programs for incoming students.”

However, the financial aid office has undergone changes in order to buffer cuts to their operational budget.Instead of sending letters to students to remind them to apply for financial aid, the financial aid office has contacted students by way of e-mail.

This change has not hindered the communication between the department and the students, said Gude. E-mail “has become more effective than paper letters,” he said.

However, employment in the department will be reduced because of the budget cuts.

“We are having to hold some positions open to meet our budgetary requirement,” Gude said.

“We’ve used graduate students in the past, but we won’t have the funding to support (all of) the graduate students.”While the financial aid office currently employs 10 graduate students, next year it will probably support only one or two, Gude said.

“We’re going to do the best we can with what we have.”

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