Letters to the Editor

Palestinian state even further from creation

In light of the recent budget cuts in the Florida State Capital to the USF budget, I would like to put forth a proposal to help the USF students: stop paying Al-Arian while he is on vacation. Most normal organizations put employees on leave using the employee’s paid vacation time – why is USF different? Employees add value to an organization, otherwise they are adding costs and should not be there. Why is Al-Arian special enough to be on paid vacation while not adding value to USF? Hasn’t he cost USF enough in just legal fees alone?

A few weeks ago the first of many lists of wanted terrorists was made public. Even though Al-Arian was not on this list, how much longer will it be before the public wakes up? If the next list includes the current head of the Islamic Jihad, then will the public understand who this man is? What does it take?

On Oct. 16, The Oracle printed an Associated Press story that reported “Israel attempts to settle Middle East reconciliation,” but why did The Oracle not include a blurb on the report by the U.S. State Department confirming the Palestinian Authority’s connection to the violence of the past year?

It is funny that The Oracle is quick to publish when Israel defends itself against terrorist thugs but misses to report when Arafat’s thugs go out and terrorize. “The State Department concludes that those closest to Arafat have spearheaded the past year of violence against Israelis.”

After last week’s assassination of an Israeli Knesset member, I do not think that a Palestinian state will come soon, nor are the Palestinian people ready for their own state.

I do not think that the Israeli government has to reconcile. The article should have read something along the lines of Arafat trying to avoid being put on the United States’ most-wanted terrorist list.

  • Matthew Silverman is a senior majoring in management information systems.