Letters to the Editor 10/4

Tragedy ignored, belittled by Palestinian Authority

In light of the World Trade Center tragedy, with all the letters and opinions, I still think there were a few fundamental points that were missed or overlooked.

Most of the first world civilized countries are on a mission to eradicate terrorism wherever it may be, with whatever resources it takes (within reason), and however long it takes. I fully support the intentions of the coalition, but some of the actions should have been instituted long ago.

Firstly the “coalition” of nations is forgetting to ensure one thing: Stop teaching hate. Hate is a strong feeling that arouses emotions and actions that cause terrible events.

Hate is being preached in America and overseas, but the effects are the same: the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building and the World Trade Center. Hate is being preached from mosques and churches. Specifically, the widespread preaching of hate from the political and religious leaders of the Arab world that is directed against America, Israel and any supporter of Israel.I do not suggest that everyone love his or her neighbor, but at least replace hate with tolerance. If the leaders desire violence, then what hope is there for tolerance for the common person? Peace will not last if the next generation hates.

Right next to hate, the coalition has to stop the suicide phenomena. Suicide is being preached alongside the hate in the mosques, schools and on the government-controlled TV. This is not a widespread problem but is serious enough that it should be a priority. This is a sickness that has to be eradicated, or the coalition’s mission will not succeed.

For example, currently the children in the Palestinian Authority schools and on the children’s shows on PA TV preach that if they die by blowing themselves up in an act of terrorism, that he or she will be a martyr. Suicide is not a solution to any problem.

If you teach this to children at age 5, what do they have to aspire to when they get older?

If the coalition has determined that the “Public Enemy #1” is bin Laden, then I would suggest that the other dangerous hate groups be placed on the list as “Public Menace #2.”

I caution the coalition in their actions: Too much action against terror creates an atmosphere similar to the “Red Scare” of the 1950s.

The list of possible groups could be: the KKK and the right-wing extremists, Islamic Jihad, Hamas and anyone associated with them whose intent is to inflict massive damage to civilization.

By association, I would extend that to those who are active in the fundraising or spin-off groups whose aim is the destruction of normal civilization.

I would also urge that America enlist the help of Israel to combat terrorism since they have been dealing with it for the past 51 years.

Israel is the only friendly democracy in the Middle East and America’s best ally in the region. Terrorist groups that roam the West Bank and burn Israeli flags just as eagerly burn the American flag and even celebrated the death and destruction in New York.

Few reports of this exist as the foreign press was provided with first class service – death threats if their joyous celebration was made public.

Even Arafat did not call a day of mourning nor did he try to send a search and rescue team, but Israel had a day of mourning and offered to send their highly trained search and rescue team, among other things. These groups are funded, supported and/or encouraged by the PA and its corrupt cronies.

I would urge the coalition to stop all funding to the PA, or at least transfer control to a purely humanitarian aid effort as we can all see that the PA government body is only capable of stealing the money and leaving the people with nothing.

The terrorist groups thrive on chaos and despair: both are created when the PA funnels money into private bank accounts.

A lasting peace will only survive on economic interdependence and cooperation, not land demands and the frequent lynch mob or suicide bomber. I am all for true peace, but I do not feel the PA nor its leadership is acting in the best interest of the people it represents.

The next suggestion would be to arrest all the criminals and terrorists, such as the Tanzim, Force 17, Hamas and even the PA Police force. In the past months, all of these groups have either murdered, lynched, stolen, destroyed antiquities and/or incited violence.

I do not think Israel will be their only staging ground; the violence that is seen on the evening news could spread to any of the surrounding countries or even America.

Our local professors who have been accused of being associated with terrorist groups should not be overlooked or ignored.

There is a nice phrase: The apple does not fall far from the tree. I am not suggesting they are directly involved in the tragedy in New York, but one of the previous members of their group is currently creating tragedies elsewhere in the world.

Just because they are not running amok in Tampa does not mean that these men and the organizations that they represent are not dangerous.

Students – wake up, read up on some history – Tampa is in the middle of it all. What happened in New York has been happening for years – history just repeats itself. I would suggest checking out the documentary Jihad in America that was produced by PBS a few years ago. Most important of all, read.

Get a hold of different sources for your media – CNN and BBC normally have the same spin on things. Check out the Jerusalem Post or European media source. Read the translated transcripts of foreign leaders – some of what they say will blow your mind. Read the newspaper or watch the evening news, but make your own opinions.

Lastly, return to your normal lives, but be aware. Spend some money and get to know who your neighbors are. Fly the flag. We live in a global world – show how the civilized world is supposed to act.

  • Matthew Silverman is a senior majoring in management information systems.

    Art has wide range of appeal, but should be useful

    I am a daily reader of The Oracle, and I would agree with those who thought the photo of the man urinating was in poor taste. The question begs to be asked, “What kind of play or project was this for?”

    Most of the articles, however, were mocking Mr. John Gilbert and the art department. It would be easy to mock him because of various reasons: 1) the act itself 2) The response he wrote into the paper stating, “I have uncovered many ‘far-out’ ideas, such as: We are all performance artists, and we all occupy (outer) space.”

    However, I know some art majors and others in the Fine Arts building and they are quite good in performance and art. So, rather than mock Mr. Gilbert, I would say that he debases what art and performance art should be like and seeks to offend and shock rather than enlighten and inform his audience.

    The obvious question, “What should it be like?” has a wide berth of answers from whimsical to abstract to light-hearted to serious.

    In regards to offense, there is natural distaste (horror and some offense) to the pictures of war, pictures of medical disease or medical operations, or pictures of crime scenes.

    These pictures can cause people to be uncomfortable, yet it is for a good purpose, or at least an informative purpose.

    The other side of offense belongs to artists who seek to offend purposely and without any beneficial results. It is art that seeks to shock and offend various people, to mock religious or cultural beliefs and values, and to that end, it degrades the very medium it came from.

    In closing, I would advocate that the entire fine arts department (including Mr. Gilbert) aspire to create that which is beneficial or a help to society in the wide ranges of art, music, theater and dance.

  • Linda Evans is a junior majoring in sociology.