Editorial: Focus should be on one issue

In an effort to further show support for the Arab people of the Middle East, President George W. Bush said Tuesday he was considering a plan for Palestinian statehood.

In the past weeks, Bush has said repeatedly that he will not negotiate with terrorists. His talks with Yasser Arafat could be construed as negotiating with terrorists from an Israeli perspective. Bush should fight one war at a time instead of trying to fix all of the Middle East’s problems and the ones in the United States at the same time.

While the Palestinians should have a state and their right to live in freedom should be acknowledged and given, it is equally important that it be done properly. The creation of Israel was done too hurriedly and caused past decades to be filled with violence. If Bush isn’t careful in his effort to help create a Palestinian state, we may lose Israel as an ally.

It is important that peace be made between Israelis and Palestinians. For too long, each side has committed unspeakable atrocities against one another and each has been accused of using terrorist-like tactics at several points in their respective histories.

Negotiating with Arafat could prove discouraging if the offer given is not sufficient to what the Palestinians expect. If Bush fails while trying to gain their support in his military strike against the Taliban, he may incite more enemies against the United States instead of gaining the allies he seeks.

This is a time to negotiate peace in the Middle East, and that includes finding a way to get Osama bin Laden, but it is a difficult and dangerous time for peace talks and cease fires in that region of the world.

Bush should focus his energies on rallying support with current allies in the area and promising to work toward other projects in the future.