Bull Bytes

Q: Who has more kills: You or Rambo?
A: I would say Rambo because he has that automatic machine gun. I’m not always on.

Q: Who has the best nickname?
A: Me, Kelly (Mathiasmeier) and Maryann (Mooney). Everyone calls us the Doggie Dawgs.

Q: Who can’t cook?
A: I haven’t seen the freshmen try yet, but everyone else is pretty good cookers. Ale’s the best chef, she makes some real Brazilian specialties.

Q: Have you ever done anything embarrassing on the court?
A: If I get a good kill, I run to serve, even though I just got into the front row. I get too excited. I do that quite often.

Q: How about a future in boxing for such a hard hitter?
A: No, I think I would try softball. I’m not that violent.

Q: Gabrielle Reece: Model or volleyball player?
A: I think she’s a model. She was a middle blocker at FSU, right?

Q: What’s the best vocabulary term in volleyball?
A: I think I like kill. It means it’s over.

Q: Your first language is Portuguese. Say something in Portuguese for our readers.
A: El amo USF. (Translation: I love USF.)

Q: When Miss Cleo reads your future, what would she say?
A: I’m going to be rich and happy with three kids playing professional volleyball somewhere.

Q: If you could go for a big spike and give one person a facial, who would it be?
A: Jing Ding, the setter for Louisville. She pisses me off because she tries to block me one-on-one.