Pigskin Picks 9/27

The surprises didn?t stop Wednesday night.

And sitting here writing, it?s a little hard to concentrate.

The phone keeps ringing. Reporters in the newsroom keep calling my name. And America was just asked, “Is the University of South Florida a haven for those who support Arab militants?” on national television.

The headache I thought was from hunger came back, even after I ate.

Two former Oracle staffers, Patty Kim (now a copy editor for The Tampa Tribune) and Robyn Disney (who copy edits on the St. Petersburg Times sports desk), popped in unannounced. On a night like Wednesday, with breaking news happening, their smiling faces and professional knowledge was welcomed.

Unfortunately, their arms couldn?t be twisted enough to give it one more Oracle try, but Patty did agree to be this week?s guest ? Trib staffer or not, she was ours first.

The heightened activity throughout the newsroom wouldn?t have been complete without the visit of a local Cub Scout group working on its journalism badge. I?ve been told I was a talker when I was younger, but man ? 8-year-olds are an inquisitive bunch. Their energy and confidence was good to see in light of the tragic news during the past two weeks.

Speaking of confidence, freshman Michael Brinson was so sure of himself that he?d win last week?s Pigskin Picks, that when he turned in his choices, he included a note saying that no one else should enter because he was guaranteed to win.

I don?t know whether his technological skills, being that he?s majoring in computer engineering, had anything to do with his “luck.” Those engineers are too analytical for me. I?ll stick to writing columns.

Whatever it was, Mr. Brinson came through on his prediction. Congratulations.

I?m not as confident when it comes to my knowledge of sports ? or lack thereof (I had to consult with the sports guys for some pointers).

I won?t attempt to rant about this week?s matchups. It might be a disservice to sports fans.

What I will say is that I picked Pittsburgh to win against the Bulls on Sept. 8, and that won?t happen again. Like my mom usually does, I?ll root for the underdogs. Besides, my folks will be in town this weekend during the Bulls? first Division I-A game at home ? if what momma taught me is correct, the Bulls will win it on their turf this week.