Editorial: Attacks should not consume

The American public has been left dumbfounded by the terrorist attacks, and a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & Press confirms it. The data shows that Americans were psychologically unprepared for the attacks and are having great difficulties concentrating on anything else.

Hopefully, people will use this resolve to help prevent future attacks by cooperating with new safety measures being instituted across the nation. Additionally, people must come together and talk about what has happened. Until a catharsis is reached, the people of this nation will continue to be consumed by Sept. 11?s events.

The poll reported that seven in 10 people have felt depressed since the attacks. Nearly half of those polled report difficulty concentrating, and a third reports sleeping problems. Americans may not be inclined to speak about their feelings or may feel that they have no right to be sad about the attacks, and many are keeping to themselves. But such action may only increase a person?s problems.

It is important that we, as a nation, come together to comfort one another during this time. The attacks in New York and Washington were not isolated to those buildings or even those regions. Those attacks resonated across the nation and have touched every American.

There has been a great loss of life and freedom that extends to us all. So far, the nation has pulled together, but if the poll conducted from Sept. 13 through Monday is an indication of the nation, there is a great wound being suffered by many who are struggling to come to terms with the terrorist attacks.

We cannot let ourselves be consumed by depression. There is much work to be done in the coming months ? Americans must be alert and ready to contemplate and act upon decisions made by the government in response to these attacks.