Editorial: Proceed daily tasks with tact

The attacks on the United States are still as vivid as they were Tuesday. Now that the attacks are over and investigations underway, many people wonder ? what now? How do we, as a country, continue with our everyday lives?

In fact, the question remains whether we even should. Most major sporting and entertainment events have been either canceled or postponed due to the tragedy. But when is it appropriate to proceed with normal, daily tasks?

No one knows the answer, and there may very well be no answer to any of those questions. Surely, we do know what this is not the time for ? jokes, false rumors and faulty accusations and prejudices. We all know it is a time to gather around family and friends, to come together as a collective nation and grieve the loss of those who lost their lives in each tragic event.

This is also a time to regenerate a sense of healthy, optimistic nationalism, not to wrongly encourage a destructive type of retaliation or vengeance.

At USF, many professors are rearranging their lectures to address and incorporate Tuesday?s events into their classrooms to bring some academic relevance to the situation. Many students are seeking some sort of order and comfort in the wake of the tragedy, and many may be finding it in their classrooms surrounded by their peers.

At this point, it is best we all realize that answers may not come quickly. Thousands have lost their lives, but nothing can better honor their memories than resuming our daily activities with them in mind, showing whoever did this that they were unsuccessful in freezing an entire nation in fear. But as we proceed with our daily tasks, it is important that we do so with tact and dignity so as not to dishonor the memory of those who have lost their lives.