Editorial: Donate blood for U.S. victims

After the shock and horror left behind the anonymous attacks on Manhattan and Washington D.C. Tuesday, many Americans are wondering who is responsible. However, their thoughts should instead turn to helping those injured and affected by the violence.

This is not the time for premature accusations or finger-pointing, but for mass concerted efforts by each and every citizen to do his or her part to ease this difficult time and offer assistance in any way he or she can.

For many citizens, the disclosure of the attackers and revenge upon them is foremost on their minds. But past incidents have proven that jumping to conclusions does no good to anyone.

Already, certain groups have been singled out as responsible for the attacks, though nothing is certain at this point. However, as the unfortunate Oklahoma City Bombing showed our nation, there are disgruntled Americans capable of similar violence. Instead, we as a nation should come together during this crisis and offer what we can to assist those in New York and Washington D.C. Many thousands were either hurt or injured during the attacks, and blood is a scarce commodity right now. Blood is seriously needed in order for the victims of this tragedy to have a chance at survival. It is imperative that everyone do his or her part to help save someone else?s life.No amount of radio and television talk shows or reports are going to make this go away. It is time the United States come to terms with the fact that it is not impervious to the world?s problems. Instead of harping on what cannot be changed, we must now show the world we are a nation of strong, optimistic people who care only about lending a hand to those who especially need it during this crisis.