Parking Services nearly doubles sale of permits

As the second week of classes ends, Parking Services has sold more than 22,000 parking permits. That?s a lot of drivers circling for spaces on any given day.

Greg Sylvester, director for Parking and Transportation Services, said more permits were sold this year than last fall?s 13,462 permits.

He credits the increase to having parking information available at every orientation session.

Despite high sales, commuter permits are still available. But for residents, permits have sold out.

?I don?t want to set a limit, but when we reach 1,400 permits sold, we need to take a hard look at it,? said Sylvester of the resident permits. ?There?s a slight oversell.?

At this point, Sylvester said residents sign a waiting list or can buy a Park-n-Ride permit.

A number of residents do not want to wait for a permit or park in a remote lot.

Instead, some residents are buying commuter permits and parking in such areas as the Crescent Hill parking garage.

Sylvester said no resident is authorized to buy commuter permits. When a resident does, it?s falsifying an application.

Sylvester said his department will check lists of residents against those who bought commuter tags. He said if a student is caught, they will be allowed to purchase a Park-n-Ride permit.

If they refuse, they could loose their permit as well as parking privileges.

?I don?t think it happens as frequently as it did last year,? he said.

A Magnolia resident, who didn?t want to be named because he bought a commuter permit, parks in the lot adjacent to the new apartment complex.

?I didn?t say anything,? he said about buying the permit. ?I did it so I had the option of moving around campus. I totally understand why they want to restrict residents to certain lots, but I want a choice.?

Sylvester said normally, cashiers will check a student?s living status through the university?s computer system. But with the crowds, he said checking isn?t always possible.

?It?s possible a few could?ve slipped through the cracks,? he said.

One thing that didn?t slip were the thousands of citations issued last week. According to Sylvester, more than 1,000 citations were issued.

Students do have the option to wipe out parking tickets from the first week of classes, Aug. 27 ? 31. To do so, students must exchange their present permit for a Park-n-Ride pass and use it for the remainder of the academic year. When they do, any citations, except for parking in a reserved or disabled space, will be voided. Students will also be refunded the difference of the permits. Today is the last day.

And during the first week, 800 students parked in the overflow lots the first day of classes. But the numbers declined to 650 the second day and 470 the third day.

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