Sex Education

By the age of 20, 80 percent of all people have had sexual intercourse at least once, according to the Coalition for Positive Sexuality Web site.

According to one sexual education director, we are all sexual beings until we die.

But along with living as a sexual being come questions, myths and ignorance about the subject.

Some people believe if they have oral sex and refrain from intercourse, they will not be at risk for STDs and AIDS. This is not the case.

Others find issues with their bodies, such as males believing their penises are not large enough and having a desire to alter them. But there is no way to enlarge a penis, according to some sex educators.

Additionally, some think a woman cannot get pregnant while on her period. This is also a common misconception.

The Oracle believes the most important aspect of sexual education is to give accurate information. Unintended pregnancies and STDs are lowered when people are educated about sexuality. Prompting people to say no to sex is not always the right approach.

Still, there are negative connotations related to sex. And it hinders the growth process. Because of this, many are afraid to openly discuss the subject.

The Features section of The Oracle wants to change that. We have dedicated this semester?s Friday series to human sexuality. Each Friday, a story concerning one aspect of this subject will be featured. The purpose is to educate and inform our readers about topics that may seem taboo or difficult to discuss.

To begin, we have provided a number of miniquizzes for you to test your knowledge about the subject.

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