Pigskin Picks (8/30)

When Khari Williams and I took over the role of sports editor from Robyn Disney, who had held that position for the past two years, we both decided the section needed to go in a new direction. Not that Khari and I thought the sports section was bad at all (we will forever be indebted to Robyn for showing us the ropes); after two years of the same regime, we wanted to try some new ideas.

One of the things we wanted to change was eliminating Pigskin Picks. I just don?t think anyone really cares who I feel will win college football games that I?m not directly involved with. I cover USF football, so I know USF football. Other than that, I?m more or less taking a guess.

So reluctantly, I welcome you to the first installment of Pigskin Picks. For those students new to USF, this is where the editors from The Oracle pick the winners from upcoming weekend college games. Readers can fill out their picks and submit them through e-mail or drop them off at The Oracle. The winner of the students? submitted picks will win a prize, get to appear in the Pigskin Picks column next week and select the upcoming games. Besides Khari and me, Editor in Chief Kevin Graham, lead football writer Rob Brannon, a guest and the winner of the previous week?s contest are the people you will see in this column every Thursday.

As I said before, I wanted to abandon the idea of this column, but a funny thing happened when the sports staff began discussing what games to pick this week ? I started getting interested. If there is one thing in the world I hate to do, it?s lose at anything. And as has been the case since this column was implemented years ago, there will be a running tally to keep track of our picks as the year goes on. Once the competitive juices are flowing, I go for the jugular. Most importantly, a win would give me bragging rights in the newsroom for a year. I have already informed my fellow contestants here at The Oracle, and now I will tell you ? I guarantee I will win.

Since we don?t have a winner from last week?s Pigskin Picks, we had to use the previous year?s champion in the opening column. Miss Disney was the queen of the column last year, surprising everyone by becoming the first female to ever win the season-long crown. So I gave her a call and put her on the spot. She wasn?t too happy about not having time to think through her picks, but as my former boss, she was very rarely pleased with me anyway.

Our guest this week will be Dave Ford, who was our former assistant sports editor. Mr. Ford has, I?m sad to say, left The Oracle for a job in the Sports Information Department. However, since we brought Robyn in, we found it only fitting to get Dave back for one more go around.

So, here you have it, our picks for the week. Make your selections and e-mail them to us or drop by The Oracle office. We didn?t include USF?s game this week because they play tonight, meaning all your picks would have to be submitted by game time. Selections have to be in before noon Saturday, so make your picks as soon as possible and good luck ? to all those I?m not competing with.