Relax: Pace school, home life

Another year is starting here at USF, and it is time to become re-acclimated to classes, long papers, tests and homework. However, too often students, especially incoming freshmen, become overwhelmed by all of the tasks set before them in the upcoming year. This year, be sure to take some time to yourselves to avoid burnout.

Students face a growing number of issues they have to deal with every year. Some are moving out of their parents? houses for the first time, others are away from friends and family, others have just acquired a new spouse or children, some are getting their first jobs or new jobs, and so much more. But while all of this can cause stress and tension in one?s life, it is imperative to remember to take a few deep breaths now and then and find some alone time.

Stress can overwhelm a person, especially if he or she doesn?t realize that?s the problem. Watch for signs of depression, nonchalance, apathy and boredom. If students begin to feel these ways, it often marks trouble ahead. Of course, such symptoms could just be the result of only attending classes, going to work and coming right home.

Homework may be piling up and reports may be due next week, but many students don?t realize that if they don?t take a day off now and then, they won?t last for long in college.

This doesn?t mean everyone should call out of work all the time nor does it mean to skip classes. What this means is join a club, go to the gym, see the movie each week at Movies on the Lawn (it?s here on campus and easy to find), or go to one of the several museums in the area.

Don?t overwork yourselves. Some students are facing at least four years here, and starting off relaxed and confident can ensure a healthy and fun collegiate experience.