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Election night 2016 coverage

2:45: Trump wins Wisconsin, which puts him at 276 electoral votes. Clinton concedes to Trump over the phone, but does not give a speech.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12:28: Trump wins Iowa. Clinton wins Nevada. The electoral count is 244 Trump, 215 Clinton.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11:50: Trump wins Utah. Electoral count 222 Trump, 209 Clinton.  […]


EDITORIAL: History has its eyes on you

Students should utilize their right to vote and make a difference in this election. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE Tomorrow will be students’ last chance to make a difference in this election.  Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and students should make filling out a ballot a priority. […]


SNL unifies divided nation with political sketch

Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin, posing as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump respectively, ditched divisive political jargon to embrace strangers and bring a dose of levity to the toxic campaign. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump chose to forgo their normal bickering and join hands for a […]


EDITORIAL: The misguided paranoia over voter fraud

Despite claims by Donald Trump, studies have proven voter fraud is not a threat to the American election system. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE During this election cycle, voter impersonation and voter fraud have been hot topics. Particularly with Republican nominee Donald Trump using the concept as a fear tactic in […]


Comedians have the right to mock politics

Amy Schumer made multiple jokes during her show in Tampa about Donald Trump causing approximately 200 people to walk out in protest. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE Comedians are known for weaving their political and social stances into their routines. However, when Amy Schumer began criticizing presidential nominee Donald Trump during […]


Stop attacking the media for educating voters

Publications have been criticized for endorsing each of its preferred candidate in this election. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE This election has been unlike any other, as the fervor held by voters quickly has divided the nation. While citizens’ strong preferences toward one candidate or another are not, in theory, a […]


The odd debate on candidates’ health

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, on their visits to USF prior to the focus on the candidate’s health records. ORACLE FILE PHOTO Last week, Hillary Clinton visited a 9/11 memorial service and rushed out, feeling overheated. Videos of her collapsing and supposedly fainting surfaced on major media outlets and social […]


GOP struggling to survive candidates’ spat over wives

The GOP is facing insurmountable criticism after two of their leading candidates engaged in an attack on each other’s wives on the campaign trail on Thursday.  Donald Trump once again turned to Twitter to stir up controversy by tweeting he would “spill the beans” on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife […]


Despite polls, Trump unlikely to win Florida primary

ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU After Donald Trump’s visit to the USF Sun Dome Friday, many have questioned whether he has a chance at winning the Florida Republican primary on March 15. The fact that many of Trump’s supporters are independent voters may hinder Trump’s success since Florida has closed primaries, meaning […]


Don’t be fooled, Donald Trump is not a conservative

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has flip-flopped his stance on several key issues since joining the race for the White House. ORACLE PHOTO/ADAM MATHIEU Donald Trump is a man who requires many labels. He’s an uber-successful billionaire businessman and real estate mogul, who will go down in U.S. history as […]