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  • Students deserve more say in UPenn’s mental health care

    The Counseling Center at USF, which offers psychological services and workshops for students, and Wellness Education, a department of Wellness USF, provide mental health resources for USF students.  

  • Campus safety should factor into college rankings

    When potential students are considering which college is the right choice for them, they may research a school’s graduation rates or financial resources — facts typically calculated in traditional college rankings in
    the U.S. 

  • Dove suggests women cannot feel beautiful on their own


    Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which advocates for women’s empowerment, is yet again facing widespread criticism after previously being under fire for existing under the company Unilever, which also spawned Axe products’ sexist commercials.

  • Dove ad encourages finding beauty from the self

    Despite showing how some women are too critical of their bodies and that a little positivity goes a long way, the recent Dove ad for its “Campaign for Real Beauty” featuring women wearing a RB-X “beauty patch” has seen major criticism.