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Rape reported in Holly G residence hall

Published: Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 01:02


A female student was reportedly raped in the Holly G Residence hall early Sunday morning. 

University Police spokeswoman Lt. Charlotte Domingo said UP received the report of the incident on Monday evening, and that the parties involved were acquainted.  

This is the second incident of rape that has been reported to UP in 2013.  UP received five reports of rape in 2012.

The case, along with a case reported a little more than a week ago of a male victim who was raped in a Marshall Student Center restroom and a case reported in September of a victim who was raped in Kappa Hall, remain under active investigation,
Domingo said.  

A case reported in Epsilon Hall in October was deemed by the State Attorney’s Office to have insufficient evidence to pursue prosecution and has thus closed. 


— Staff report

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Mon Feb 11 2013 20:32
Did someone really compare Utah to VA Tech or anywhere else for that matter? Really?
Thu Feb 7 2013 23:45
The average USF student at 21 has the Common Sense of a 14 year old.
Thu Feb 7 2013 19:16
You also have to keep in mind that students 21 and up with a concealed weapons permit have been able to carry firearms on Utah college campuses since 2006 without a single act of gun violence. Those stats are solid compared to the gun violence at Virginia Tech and other areas that ban firearms and and don't check students to make sure that the ban is being followed.

You can also look at the violence in cities like Chicago, DC, Detroit, bastions of gun control politics at work!

Thu Feb 7 2013 09:24
You do realize that any student over 21 with a permit can carry everywhere else? When ever you go to a movie or to a mall, you are probably surrounded by these " drunken morons" carrying a gun.
Also what your telling me is that if some seasoned criminal had his sights on you or your family you wouldn't want to be able to defend yourself. I'm sorry but to lend yourself to such vulnerability is foolish and naive.
Wed Feb 6 2013 22:55
Yeah just what we need, drunken morons who can't make proper choices now running around with guns.
Wed Feb 6 2013 08:20
I remember an argument against guns for personal and private protection on campus. I believe the student body president or someone of the like said that the police and the blue emergency light system are effective in protecting the students. As cases like this and others show, the only person that can save you when seconds count is you. Yay for "gun free" zones, and disarming the innocent and law abiding.

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