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Election Day News

  • Obama supporters look forward to next term

    After the presidential election results sank in, the excitement from the night lingered as students look to what the next four years could bring to them with Obama in office.

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    Obama wins second term

    After months of campaigning and anticipation, President Barack Obama was declared the winner of the 2012 election.

  • Students celebrate results

    Tears streamed down the face of Alexandra Ernest as she heard the news at the election watch party held outside the Marshall Student Center (MSC). 

  • MSC precinct sees large turnout of first-time voters

    Polls opened in Florida at 7:00 a.m., and the Marshall Student Center (MSC), which served as Precinct 353, was no stranger to enthusiastic voters.

  • The vote that may not have been

    USF professor gets first-hand glimpse of voter disenfranchisement

    USF professor David Johnson wanted to vote in the same county he has been registered to vote in for nine years - but this year it didn't go as planned.

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  • Early voting increases in Hillsborough County

    Early votes in Hillsborough County in 2008 totaled 146,558. For the 2012 election, early votes totaled 166,913.

  • USF World brings international perspective to election

    While the outlook of U.S. presidential elections varies across the country, panelists representing regions around the world in an event Thursday expressed many similarities among the international community.

  • Candidates on the ballot at the local level

    The presidential election may be taking most of the attention, but local elections will also play a key role this election

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  • msc

    MSC prepares for long lines, confused voters

    With the Nov. 6 election approaching, the Marshall Student Center will serve as a voting precinct on Election Day, and MSC officials are trying to prevent the pile-up seen during the last election as more voters are expected to file in through the week.

  • Obama outweighs Romney in USF political donations

    As candidates make their final campaign fundraising pushes, President Barack Obama has thus far proved to raise more money than his opponent, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney — a trend that is especially pronounced among those who list the University as their place of employment.

  • Candidates agree often in final debate

    The candidates tried to woo voters with proof of leadership in issues ranging from the conflict in Syria to the tense relations with Israel.

  • Ryan learns about USF, Entrepreneurship

    USF saw one more person who wanted to learn Friday — vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan.

  • Students question local candidates at forum

    Though not all candidates attended, students had the chance to meet many of the individuals seeking various offices from State Senate to County Commissioner on Wednesday at USF Votes: 2012 Candidate Forum.

  • Obama asserts control in debate

    If former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney won the first debate against President Barack Obama on Oct. 3, Obama gained back traction in Tuesday night’s town hall-style debate, and USF students were quick to pick up on it.

  • Students vote Obama in straw poll

    If left to USF students, President Barack Obama will have a second term in office.

  • Straw poll to foreshadow general election

    With 22 days until the general election on Nov. 6, students can cast mock ballots on some of the most hot-button issues of the political season at six locations across campus today.

  • Justin Long visits USF for campaign event

    The Vote Now! event was presented to students by Organizing for America, a Democratic-affiliated organization that has chapters nationwide.

  • Registration efforts increase before voter deadline today

    Liberal or conservative, students and other members of the community interested in voting in November’s election must register to vote today, as it is the deadline for Florida residents to be eligible for voting.

  • Students rally at State Capitol for environmental policy reform

    “The event was amazing,” she said. “It was a very powerful experience to see southeast students unite around climate change and election issues.”

  • First debate sets tone for election season

    With 32 days until the election, the next debates will continue to set the agenda for the candidates’ campaigns and presidencies.

  • Candidate policies conflict on higher education

    Though the presidential debates, the first of which will take place Wednesday night, will be held on college campuses, higher education issues may take a back seat to issues such as economic growth rates, job creation and social issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

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  • Actress encourages youth vote

    Actress and political activist Rosario Dawson said she loved to share stories. (Includes exclusive interview with Dawson)

  • Are voter rallies effective?

    Voter registration success depends on student interest

    From the start of the semester, USF students and student organizations have intensified their efforts in educating and registering student voters at numerous voter rallies. 

  • Voter Rally educates potential youth voters

    A major youth registration problem during the 2008 presidential election, has prompted Hillsborough County, USF Student Government (SG) and several other student organizations this fall to focus on educating and registering young voters.

  • Poll Rally

    Students register to vote at Poll Party


    Music, food and a friendly atmosphere made it easy for USF students to get informed and registered to vote.

  • Why not us?

    Obama visits three local colleges, skips USF

    He has visited the University of Tampa, Hillsborough Community College and St. Petersburg College.

    But as President Barack Obama rallied a crowd of 11,000 at St. Petersburg College’s Seminole campus on Saturday, the mention of student loans and the affordability of higher education elicited a cheer from an audience he has yet to visit:

  • First lady addresses women, young voters

    A week after Ann Romney captured the nation’s attention at the Republican National Convention with attempts to woo women voters and elicit softer images of a personable, caring former Gov. Mitt Romney, First Lady Michelle Obama attempted to do the same at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) with one additional demographic: young voters.