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New album releases to look out for

Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 00:11

Rihanna — “Unapologetic”
One of the biggest recent releases came last week with Rihanna’s “Unapologetic.” Her ability to top her last album seems to be what keeps her fans anticipating each new release.

It looks as though Rihanna has topped all of her prior work with the help of many collaborators on her seventh studio release. No topic seems to be off limits as she joins Eminem on the slow track, “Numb,” which portrays a drunken night at a club. 
However Rihanna does take a small portion of her latest album to show the softer side that many fans seem to
prefer, with “Loveeeeeee Song,” which features vocals by Future.

Of course this wouldn’t be a complete album without some controversy, and listeners may gasp when reading “Nobody’s Business” on the track list, featuring the one and only Chris Brown, who is rumored to be back with Rihanna after beating her severely enough to send her to the hospital in 2009.

Alicia Keys — “Girl On Fire”
Fourteen Grammy awards aren’t given to just anybody.  
With her fifth studio album, released today, Keys’ produces a sound that she knows is tried and true with her fans.  Though this album comes after her wedding to producer Swizz Beatz, and the birth of their first son, Keys’ voice is as strong and confident as ever and even provides a hint of maturity, reflecting those changes in her personal life.

In an effort to appeal to the masses, Keys released two different versions of “Girl On Fire,” one a ballad featuring the stripped vocals of Keys and her piano and the other with a strong beat and the edgy sound of Nicki Minaj .

Phillip Phillips — “The World From This Side of The Moon”
The American Idol winner whose claim to fame came with his hit “Home,” which seemed to be the theme of the 2012 Summer Olympics, presented his freshman album Nov 19.

The album carries a dynamic sound, reminiscent of the two-parts pop, one-part country equation that has worked for artists such as Taylor Swift. The energetic and folksy combination of mid-tempo songs such as “Drive Me” provide a solid jumping-off point for this budding artist. The guitar work on this album reflects Mumford and Sons type sounds and features banjo playing by Phillips himself.

Ke$ha — “Warrior”
Between her hobbies of collecting teeth of her fans for a bra creation, going on “spirit journeys” and taking “glitter baths,” Ke$ha took time to write a memoir, and accompanied the book with a new album titled “Warrior.” Ke$ha makes a surprising jump from her usual auto-tuned, trash-pop sound to finally display her talent properly, as she writes about her personal experiences in songs like “C’mon.”

A familiar topic with Ke$ha is empowerment, and she continues that theme with her second album. “Wherever You Are” alludes to a woman being able to do anything — and anyone — a man can do.  Meanwhile her song “Wonderland” featuring Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, finally allows Ke$ha to prove to fans that she can
actually sing, and the old-school sound agrees with her voice. Her musical growth combined with her usual
recipe for fun and catchy sounds makes this album something to look into. The album will release Dec. 4.


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