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Meet the candidates

Three students run in this year’s student body elections

Published: Thursday, February 13, 2014

Updated: Thursday, February 13, 2014 02:02

Additionally, Hasan said,transparency would be key to their platform, and they intended to use social media to communicate with students more.

“We want the budget to be displayed,” he said. “We want anyone to have easy access through social media to see their tuition money is going.” 

Senate bills and proposed action, he said, such as what to do when the Library briefly stopped offering 24/5 hours after a budget cut, should be something that could have been discussed more through such platforms, he said. 

“These issues were not publically talked about from the student government,” Hasan said. “There was a communication gap. These issues are affecting thousands of students at the school. So prior to being voted in the senate, these bills should be displayed publically maybe two weeks in advance before voting.”

Priorities for where money is allocated, Hasan said, should be re-evaluated based on student input. 

Hasan said he and Patil did not know what USF Week was, but planned on attending, because “pride is extremely important.”

“It’s great to give students a break from studying,” Hasan said. “What I’m saying is the money going toward that could be better utilized. … Things are unclear as to where the money is being divided. From that standpoint, I’m saying the budget increase was unnecessarily. But perhaps I may be wrong if I can actually seeing where the money is being spent. Why it was necessary to a spend $160,000 increase (to USF Week)?”

Ultimately, Hasan said he hopes his campaign can help students feel like their voices are being heard in Student Government.

“It’s important for students to realize the amount of power SG actually has,” he said. “And for elected officials to understand the responsibility they have, because at the end of the day the students that elected them are the ones that they have to go back to. The students are trusting them to make the university better.”


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