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Letter to the Editor: Religious fanatics on campus

Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 22:09


Today a religious fanatic was proselytizing over a loudspeaker at the Marshall Student Center that could clearly be heard from the Psychology-Communication Sciences & Disorders building to the Business Administration building and beyond.  

After making such ludicrous claims like — paraphrasing — “God cured me of all kinds of STDs,” and alleging that our individual success is due to some deity, I must protest.  

Allowing zealots like that access and use of our resources is effectively an endorsement — an endorsement that saddens me greatly. Our public university has no place harboring or even humoring this type of delusional behavior. I shudder to think what any visitors or new students may think. 

On the outskirts of the university grounds we’re teaching mathematics, engineering and biology, while the central hub blares a message about the supernatural cure to STDs, depression and homosexuality. 

Those responsible went so far as to attempt “healings” and were allegedly “speaking in tongues.” Allowing the continued use of university property and resources to spout a religious message with no basis in reality or scientific fact stands in conflict with everything public higher education stands for. Any rational person would tell you prayer healings and speaking in tongues are obvious works of fiction. 

Next time, let’s just have Hamlet broadcast across campus instead of this garbage.

Patrick Sebesta is a graduate student studying management information systems.

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Tue Sep 25 2012 17:57
Wave an American flag outside of a MSA meeting and see what happens to you
Fri Sep 21 2012 11:26
The Marshall Student Center atrium is a free speech area. Anyone who wishes to come out and proclaim their beliefs is allowed to. For the last two years P.R.I.D.E. Alliance has been allowed to use that space for major events, and not once have we at the student center had complaints about their events. Now, because it's a religious group, people are in uproar? That is ridiculous and outrageous! The religious organizations have just as much right to proclaim their beliefs and testimonies as any other organization on the campus. P.R.I.D.E.'s student organization (nor any other organization, for that matter) should not have any more of a voice on the University of South Florida than the next.
Thu Sep 20 2012 18:06
Its free speech till they use a megaphone actually. Specially if the students going around him are considered captive audiences since they need to attend class and work in the area. It is not legal to stand outside of someones home on the side walk (which is public property) and use a mega phone so that the people inside their house can hear you. It is not suppressing free speech to not allow them to use a megaphone.
Wed Sep 12 2012 20:24
Gee, a college campus ...home of the the most liberal grounds in the world .... And it's students want free speech surpressed???????
Wed Sep 12 2012 12:53
It's freedom of speech and as it's public property I suggest you deal with it and just move on. Stop being a crybaby and grow some thicker skin.

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