Students safety tied topersonal responsibility

Last month, a civil jury ruled that Kimberly Delancey of New Port Richey was more than 50 percent responsible for her own death at the hands of a neighbor she hardly knew but invited into her home for drinks the night of her death. The jury in the criminal case […]

Court correct to toss Amendment 7

Last week, the Florida Supreme Court rightfully struck down Amendment 7, which would have affected redistricting and been on the ballot this November. At first blush, the text of the proposed amendment seems reasonable and pertinent. It took the highly trained justices of the Supreme Court to wade through its […]

Overcominghomesickness takes patience

A large portion of the incoming student population may experience homesickness as the excitement of going to college and living on their own starts to wear off and they settle into a new routine of going to class and studying. There are resources available to help students get through this […]

Opposing Japans dolphin hunt shows hypocrisy

On average, the small fishing village of Taiji, Japan, contributes about 1,500 of the 20,000 dolphins that Tokyo allows killed during its annual dolphin hunt. Opposition to this year’s hunt is fierce after the 2009 release of the Academy Award-winning movie “The Cove,” which depicts the round up and violent […]