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Candidates talk safety, transparency in debate

Published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Updated: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 01:02

“I would like to see the Tampa Bay area — within St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Manatee, Polk County — be a strong Bulls Country,” he said. “So that when we do get that stadium, we have people from all over Tampa Bay going to the football games, proud to cheer on our Bulls.”

The next topic of discussion was student involvement, Arnold shared her own experiences of participating in organizing events on campus, and how it has enriched her college experience, and led her to run for president. 

“Involvement is something that we should be working on every single year,” she said. “A way to change that is give more opportunities for students — making sure that the different leadership opportunities are more accepting and more open.”  

In the end, the candidates were asked for final remarks. Arnold was the first to speak, receiving an audible show of support that was consistent throughout the night by a large number of attendees wearing teal shirts for her campaign.

“I’m ready to take this university to a new place, I’m ready to take it to a newer height,” she said.  “And I’m ready to represent this university on every level.” 

Throughout the debate, Hasan’s experience was called into question, but he used his final remarks to explain how his youth could be an asset to Student Government.  

“I do not have the same kind of experience the fellow candidates here have, but I do have a clear vision for the university,” he said. “And unlike them, since I am a freshman, I have three to four years that I can stay at USF and be involved in Student Government.”

Cocco ended the debate thanking the crowd and candidates.

“I want to remind all of you that you that you all have a voice, and that all of you have a role in how the story of USF is going to be played,” he said. “That means that with my four years of experience with Student Government, I know where we need to take our Student Government to represent you and your needs.”

The next debate will take place Feb. 19 in the Marshall Student Center Oval Theater.



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